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People often have reservations about buying textbooks off-campus. "How do I know that I have the right book?" "Is that really the best price?" "What if I drop the class?"


Student Book Exchange is here to close your query. We can't speak for every off-campus store, but we will certainly clarify how things work as SBX. Read our responses to some of the common misconceptions about shopping off-campus.

Common Myths

These are a few of the misstatements we have heard from customers over the past few years.

Myth: Off-campus stores only discount for Freshmen.

Truth: SBX discounts every book we sell. Because our markup is less than the suggested retail (which the campus store uses) you will always save money at Student Book Exchange.

Myth: Off-campus stores don't save you that much.

Truth: While not all schedules are equal, SBX does save students an average of $100 per semester. On top of our lower prices, we offer more promotions and incentives than any other store. Compare now and see your savings at Student Book Exchange.

Myth: Off-campus stores often sell the wrong editions.

Truth: When the instructors turn in the book list to the department, a copy of their book adoption form is sent to SBX. We contact the instructors directly with any questions regarding the course materials. This is to ensure we have the correct materials for your class. At Student Book Exchange, we confidently guarantee your order will be correct.

Myth: Off-campus stores don't carry most of the books I need.

Truth: SBX stocks almost every book for Missouri State™ including custom editions. Certain course packs and notes printed on campus are not available for purchase elsewhere, but these account for a very small portion of the book list. Whether you need a custom gen ed package or an obscure book for your thesis, Student Book Exchange brings you the most books at the best possible prices.

Myth: You can't use your financial aid at off-campus stores.

Truth: Many types of financial aid allow for the funds to be pulled out for purchases off-campus. Others allow for the money to be deposited straight into a checking account. The Financial Aid office in Carrington 101 can give you more info on your specific type. No matter what type of aid you receive, Student Book Exchange offers deferred payment to give time for your money to arrive.

Myth: Shopping off-campus does not support the school.

Truth: While certain school policies hinder us from participating in many university sponsored events, SBX is still a proud part of the Missouri State™ community. In addition to providing employment for students, Student Book Exchange sponsors many student organizations and club sports.

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